Research Activity:

My research interests are mainly focused on:


- ionospheric physics

- radio wave propagation in the ionosphere

- ionospheric oscillations caused by Atmospheric Gravity Waves (AGW)

- autoscaling of vertical ionospheric soundings

- electron density irregularities at low latitudes, spread-F phenomena

- three dimensional electron density modelling of the ionosphere

- E sporadic layer



Within my research activity, I actively contributed to the development and continuous improvement of a software, called Autoscala, able to automatically scale ionospheric parameters from an ionogram.

The ionograms recorded at the Gibilmanna (Italy), Rome (Italy), San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina) and Bahia Blanca (Argentina) ionospheric stations by the AIS-INGV ionosonde, and autoscaled by Autoscala, are available real time at the site

Autoscala was also applied to the ionograms recorded by the VISRC2 ionosonde installed at the Space Research Center Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (, and to the ionograms recorded by the AIS-Parus ionosonde installed at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Izmiran, Moscow, Russia (

Moreover, I strongly contributed to the development of the electronic Space Weather upper atmosphere (eSWua) database (