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IONORING - Real-time Total Electron Content over Italy

by Upper Atmosphere Physics research group

The main goal of the IONORING (IONOspheric RING) project is to exploit data from the RING (Rete Integrata Nazionale GPS) network to obtain ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC) maps with very fine spatial resolution (0.1°x0.1°, lat x long). These maps will be useful to support ionospheric error mitigation in precise positioning and to study the ionosphere morphology and dynamics during strong solar and geomagnetic storms affecting the mid-latitude ionosphere. This page reports the TEC maps generated in real-time every 10 minutes collecting data from about 40 RING stations.

Real-Time  TEC map

Most recent map from IONORING updated  every 10 minutes.

Latest maps from IONORING

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