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GNSS Research and Application for Polar Environment

is a SCAR Expert Group since 2012.

Chief Officer: Giorgiana De Franceschi (e-mail: giorgiana.defranceschi @
Deputy Chief Officer: Nicolas Bergeot (e-mail: nicolas.bergeot @

Welcome to GRAPE

The International Polar Year (IPY) and International Heliophysical Year (IHY) initiatives left an important heritage in terms of data sharing, expertise exchange and increasing awareness of the current scientific capabilities. In particular, the GWSWF SCAR Action Group took advantage of the Interhemispheric Conjugacy Effects in Solar-Terrestrial and Aeronomy Research (ICESTAR) and the Polar Earth Observing Network (POLENET) experiences that lead to .....

Main Objectives

- Create and maintain distributed networks of specialized GPS/GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitors particularly at high latitudes.
- Identify and quantify mechanisms that cause scintillation and control interhemispheric differences, asymmetries and commonalities in scintillation occurrence and intensity as a result of the geospace environment conditions.
- Develop ionospheric scintillation climatology, tracking and mitigation models ....


Announcement: EGU GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2019, 7 - 12 April 2019, Vienna, Austria. A session deals with the middle and upper atmosphere on the planetary scale. more...

The 2018 school "Polar Upper Atmosphere: from Science to Operational Issues", has been held at the International School of Space Science in L'Aquila, Italy, on 17-21 September 2018. A short note on the school is available 

The XXXV SCAR BIENNIAL MEETINGS AND OPEN SCIENCE CONFERENCE has been held at Davos (Switzerland) 15 - 26 June 2018. Available documentation... more